Warning to all potential investors from the current managing director !

– BeeComp Technologies Inc. has its headquarters in USA, all business activities, as far as there are any, take place in Germany? Why? Avoid liability!

– People with promises are moved to invest in a company that does not produce anything and never will produce anything, but instead incurs debts and does not pay them without fearing legal consequences.

– The two partners, Mr. Udo Wulf, resident in Schwentinental and Mr. Rainer Völmle, resident in Filderstadt, have extensive experience with insolvencies, mainly with their own.

– Enclosed a link to the men: https://www.beecomp-technologies.com/team-page/

– In Wulf Investment LLC, the two shareholders have contributed their 55% majority of shares. This means that all general meetings, insofar as they take place at all, are predictable.

– The Head of Investor Relations, Ms. Nermina Gxnibegovic, has extensive experience with the acquisition of private investors by telephone, mainly from abroad.

– She is also CEO of MetaHealthWatch Inc. based in New York. The business model is strikingly similar. www.mhw-inc.com

– The public prosecutor’s office in Hof is investigating Rainer Völmle, his daughter Alexandra and his wife Gxnibegovic on charges of fraud, the procrastination of insolvency, embezzlement, forgery of documents and others.

– A successful business activity is highly unlikely and is based on the professional and personal incompetence of the participants and the legally questionable behaviour which is the subject of police investigations.

– The American SEC, the German BaFin, the Swiss finma and the Austrian FMA have all been informed of all these events, and an IPO is therefore unlikely.

– There are claims against Udo Wulf and Rainer Völmle by 3 employees for payment of salary, by several shareholders for reimbursement of the contribution, by a large number of creditors for payment of outstanding invoices, partly titled but not enforceable, see 1. point

– A first complaint for payment of salary by the still employed managing director was positively decided and has been legally binding for more than one year.

– A second lawsuit was filed, this time also against Udo Wulf and Rainer Völmle personally.

– After a successful verdict in mid-May 2019, enforcement will be initiated immediately and the affidavit will be accepted, if necessary with an arrest warrant.

– As part of the takeover of RH Industries GmbH in X, the company went bankrupt and reopened as World of Composite Inc., headquartered in Miami, USA. Why? See point 1.

– The task of BeeComp Technologies Inc. is to secure the financing of World of Composite Inc. in order to service existing liabilities and to finance mechanical engineering. There is a financing requirement of at least € 4 million for a production line. This is still a long way off. Success is more than unlikely.

– No balance sheets are presented to the shareholders nor are there general meetings to vote on corporate decisions.

– The previous compliance supervisor, Spencer&Barnes, has made accusations regarding the company’s conduct to the CEO, Mr. Rainer Völmle. The current Compliance Supervisor, Mr. Mieder, is a personal friend of Völmle. Whether or not there is a separation of office and function seems extremely questionable.

Update ! On 27.05. the main hearing in the complaint against BeeComp Technologies Inc. and the shareholders Udo Wulf and Rainer Völmle took place before the Labour Court Lörrach.

As a reminder: This lawsuit was accepted by the labor court Freiburg, because the dismissal of the managing director without notice was ineffective and BeeComp was sentenced to a back payment of salary. Due to the deliberate establishment of the company in the USA, all executions were unsuccessful. Therefore, the lawsuit was extended to the shareholders and their personal liability. Based on internal information, the plaintiff assumes that Völmle is destitute, but that Wulf still has usable assets. Due to the facts published here, BeeComp, according to its own statements, lost a 7-digit amount in share sales, which also according to its own statements had such an effect on the share price that it was halved. A loss of 50 % !

Thus the subject of the negotiation was defined and it was haggled around a compensation and a file buyback, as on a Turkish bazaar.

At the end of the negotiation there was a 5-digit amount in the room, which has to be paid by BeeComp to the plaintiff in order to delete the website from the internet. This amount was to be transferred to a trust account by the end of June, but has not yet been paid. Is BeeComp really broke and insolvent now, as it was described in the criminal charges already one year ago?

A company refuses the judicially established payment and claims on its website that it operates a correct business management?

What kind of lawyer is capable of deceiving an investor? Völmle’s mates !

„BeeComp Technologies Inc. attaches the highest importance to correct and unassailable corporate governance and compliance. In addition, however, economic success must be ensured. Therefore Mr. Mieder takes over the areas Corporate Governance and Compliance for BeeComp Technologies Inc.“.

Unfortunately, the public prosecutor’s office in Hof still refuses to allow us to inspect the files, which hears the thesis that on the one hand the constitutional state is overtaxed or disinterested here and that in Germany there is the chance of becoming a millionaire in the investment amount, as it was already presented in the business magazine Capital in 2016.

Read Article in german:

„Fraud is the easiest way to become a millionaire“

The next steps will be to extend the facts about this „investment model“ to the social media so that more investors do not lose their money in this way.

Furthermore, there is an innovation on the team page of BeeComp-Technologies.Inc: The head of Investor Relations, Nermina Ganibegovic, is no longer in the team!

Is that the explanation why only a few weeks ago the „headquarters of the management headquarters“ was changed from Düsseldorf back to Filderstadt, Völmle’s residence and private address ?

There is a lot going on at BeeComp Technologies Inc. How long will that last until the lights go out ? Who sells new shares now, so that new money comes in ? Shareholders tell me by phone that Völmle is calling them personally and asking them to buy more shares.

Others have also already become aware of BeeComp Technologies Inc: What’s going on at BeeComp Technologies?

Update ! PSP Priehs Papierschaum GmbH is also no longer a partner of BeeComp Technologies Inc.

Already in a conversation with Fred Wolf, head of development, some weeks ago this development was announced. The reason for the conversation was the establishment of contact between Wolf and Herbert Gundelsheimer for the purpose of continuing the technology, apparently without BeeComp. Has V. also got it wrong with a development manager ?

A new document will soon be online, in time for the Annual General Meeting, showing how V. deals with the rights of shareholders.

Update ! BeeComp Technologies Inc. tries in vain to silence me!

The efforts of CEO Rainer V. to silence me have failed miserably. He claimed from my webspace provider that the imprint I mentioned was fake and that I was not authorized to operate this site under the name of BeeComp Technologies Inc. After I presented the appropriate documents, the procedure was closed, the side remains on-line! My employment contract as managing director is still valid, my dear!

Once again Rainer V. has proven that lies are the only thing that leaves his mouth. The same applies to the announced Annual General Meeting. Of course he did not send me an invitation, as it would be his duty, but in his Reichsbürgerverständnis, he is the only one who is right. Compliance and Corporate Governance ? No, the next lie.

Shareholders have kindly offered to make video recordings and notes of the meeting to keep me informed of what next unsuccessful steps are planned to destroy investors‘ money.

Also in the case of the action against Rainer V. and Udo Wulf for assertive liability, the labor court affirmed our opinion and on August 12, 2019 decided that the two shareholders are to be regarded as employers and that the labor court’s way is clear for this. The decision can be viewed in the documents section.

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